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Thin out, or give away?

I would have to say shoes, pajamas, and mugs are the hardest for me to part with. I try to keep this rule of thumb when tackling this: if a new pair of shoes, pajamas or a new mug comes into my house, I try to reduce one in each of these categories. This is REALLY hard!!

For so many reasons we become attached to our things and some things more than others. That is why as a Professional Organizer I strive to be compassionate yet realistic with my clients and listen to what Gretchen Rubin simply says, “Do I need it? Do I love it? Do I use it?”

When a thin out is too difficult, I allow some T-shirts from my pajama area to go into the “sentimental” category and put favorite shoes up high for a little while. This aids in keeping a place for everything. Remember we don’t need so much to live well and, with less, it is less to organize. This gives us more time to be present and to relax!

Rumi, a well-known poet, says “life is a balance of holding on and letting go.”

Marie Kondo says a lot of things, but taking time to cherish the things you love is important.

Maybe if we have respect and gratitude towards objects, it won’t be so hard to say goodbye. It’s even more reassuring when we feel good about where our donations are going next or if you say to yourself that it is ok to say goodbye.

Another way to look at paring down is to think of your belongings like friends. Friends stay, acquaintances, move on, and strangers are gone. Focus on the feeling in the process. Or just call me and I will be there to help make decisions with you!

Happy “Sunday” of the summer season to all!!!

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