Frequently asked question & organizing tips:

Where do I start?

Putting like things together in 10-15 minute increments to start. (Example: one drawer)

How do I make a decision?


How many piles do I make?

One to keep One to throw away One for others to enjoy or donate One to recycle / for consignment / for yard sale One to put in a labeled box and revisit in one year (if needed)

What is the vision and purpose for the life and the home I want?

Continue to ask that question while going through possessions and/or when considering buying (even if on sale). How does it fit in?

How long do I have to keep records?

Please review the following website:www.personalorganizing.about.com

What records do I keep forever?

Diplomas, academic records, portfolio work, and adoption papers. Check with www.irs.gov for more information.

How do I stay organized?

Go through the mail and discard daily.
Remember your place for stuff and visit daily.
Reinforce organizing by handling items daily.

What are good organizing tools?

  • smart phones
  • Post-its
  • baggies
  • rubber bands
  • markers, labels, and adhesive chalk labels
  • ever notes
  • drawer dividers/clear containers/folders
  • key racks/bulletin boards

Why get organized?

Less stress, guilt and better time management with a place for everything.

How much is your clutter costing you to keep?

The answer is a challenge! Many people feel guilty about letting go of gifts and they also feel like they will need certain items someday even if they’ve never used them. A simple way to reduce costly clutter is to say “if I am not using it, then I will give it to someone who will.”