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How Did Miami Neat Become the Organizing Company it is today?

I grew up in a cluttered environment where my mother saved everything. She had been raised during the Depression, so I respected her way. I was always called upon to “neaten up” if guests were coming. I became rather experienced with clearing spaces – so much so, that as an adult I found peace, balance, and clarity when my things are put away. Simply put: I have room to breathe.


I was raised in a seaside town in New York, but have been in Miami for many years. My background is in hospitality, working for Marriott and the Sysco Corporation. Additionally, I have raised a family while working on numerous school projects, events, special functions, and fundraisers while paying close attention to numerous details, lists, and timeframes. I am a “people person” with a natural passion for living as clutter-free as possible and a desire to help other people create that in their lives.

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