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Takeaways from my latest home project

My husband and I decided to renovate our closet and primary bathroom after living in our home for almost 23 years. I felt excited until I realized I would be displaced for two to three months plus this was going to be major decision making time about a lot of items. I have always felt empathy and compassion for my clients as we decide together what to do with the contents of their lives. It’s an exhausting exercise to say the least but it’s more intense when it’s your decisions.

I have been organized most of my life and have felt like I revisit my primary closet and bathroom inventories on a regular basis so this had to make it easier, right? Not sure that is entirely true! I decided to think of this project as a mini packing/move management job. My first worry was how to decide what to keep out. This wasn’t like packing a suitcase for a couple weeks. I also knew my goal with everything was to do the following:

-Keep only what I use, like, and wear

-What fits into a reasonably sized sentimental container

-What fits into a reasonably sized memorabilia container as a whole

During this thinning out process we also had to ask the same question I ask all my clients, “does this still serve me?”

I relearned for myself the value of taking everything out and putting like things together super thoroughly more often. I also knew there would be a second go around of thinning out as the contents were placed back into the new closet and bathroom spaces. I will go on record saying this was a bit overwhelming.

Bottom line is simply editing clothes, shoes, accessories, and toiletries is good to do at least semi annually. If we are not using something, someone else can use it and it is a terrific feeling to just have less. Less to organize, less to decide about, less to do. And there are so many places to donate to. It is also true that if you can not see what you have, you won’t wear it or use it and you will be prone to acquiring duplicates in many categories.

The best thing to come from this project is yes, there is significantly less which is freeing, and there is a better place for everything. This means everything can be put back with less effort.

Let me leave you with this thought. Did you know that the average person moves every seven years? I am way overdue! How many people have tackled a similar project minus the construction while sheltering in place all this time? Remember to live lightly and value progress over perfection!

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