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Take control and manage your recipes and cook books

To all food lovers and cooking enthusiasts of today. Let’s get a handle on the piles of clipped recipes from newspapers, magazines, digital notes and recipes on your phone, folders, ragged family recipes from long ago and a stack of “maybe someday” recipes stashed in the back of a drawer or a box or bin. Obviously keep the family recipes that are timeless.

Over time we get busy and too much is coming at us in this life. We start with good intentions and think time is endless and we will get to everything eventually. This is not reality!

I have a background in food and hospitality and am especially interested in health, exercise, and nutrition. Sounds like I would have it all together as a Professional Organizer, but I have to work in this area periodically and say will I ever make this recipe? Are these still the food items I use at this stage in my life? Am I the only one who likes this combination of the ingredients in my household (perhaps because it is way too healthy) or am I the only one of my friends or family who will actually eat it? ( that is ok if you like leftovers)I just counted my cookbooks and I have 88 and that is after thinning out in the last couple of years:) I am a bit old school and do prefer to follow a recipe from a hard copy even if I have it in my digital notes/folders. I am just so glad I no longer receive printed newspapers or magazines with the exception of Prevention and Costco which I still enjoy. A realistic goal is to try to keep the paper recipe collection limited to a couple of labeled binders and a couple loose stacks.

I am working with a very special client at this time and she is struggling with going through 30 years of recipes, notes, specialty cooking equipment, serving pieces and really everything. I saw her expression of overwhelm as she eyed the many files, bins, and stacks of recipes that she has as homework from MiamiNeat to pare down. I have been guiding and encouraging her as she goes through the thought process of asking realistic questions to herself as she faces this mountain of recipes and actually a lifetime of collecting so many items. We are reducing everything in order for her to move and she is attempting to keep only what works in her life now and what works going forward. This is NOT an easy task. It’s been like going down memory lane without getting too stuck.

Questions for myself, my client and other foodies to be revisited a couple times a year or more: Do I realistically think I will ever make this recipe? Does my current diet allow for the ingredients? Set a timer a little at a time to go through and…When in doubt LET IT GO!

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