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Organizing for your health

Your brain is an organ and a muscle that sucks up a huge amount of energy.

Our brains go through a natural cycle every 90 minutes according to the Organizational Dynamics publication, so pause and think relaxation. Go for a walk, talk to a friend, watch a funny YouTube clip or do 3 yoga poses.

Aren’t making decisions sometimes fatiguing?

What to wear?, What to cook?, Where to eat and How to schedule the week?

  • Simplify to ease the required energy:

  • Pick out outfits in advance instead of looking at individual pieces each day.

  • Aim for good enough and just eat out closer to home.

  • Make a few dishes on Sunday to have during the week.

  • Make some activities into habits like go to the gym Monday, Wednesday and Friday,

  • Pay bills on the 15th of the month and have dinner out on Saturday.

  • Limit options for shopping or travel by checking 2-3 search places that have been successful in the past and move on.

Are you guilty of multitasking?

This is also a big challenge for your brain.

  • Focus on ONE activity at a time. If you need things done quickly set up 10-20 minutes for each one. You will get more done and conserve your energy.

  • Don’t scroll through your social feed while your partner tells you about his or her day.

  • Don’t talk on the phone while following a recipe or responding to a work email.

Have an energized and organized day!

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