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Make 2016 your year

Resolve to be “NEAT “ in 2016?

It seems like this year many people are making resolutions to not make resolutions! Just keep everything realistic so you don’t expect too much of yourself …. If you are a visual person lists can help. I like to have a master list and prioritize from there, so I can see the big picture and feel a sense of control and comfort. Give it a try-whether it’s on your smartphone, tablet, paper or calendar. Below are some tips on how to have a NEAT day and year.

N: “NO” is a sentence and it’s ok to say NO to things, allowing you some extra time to just be. Say NO to free things like free t-shirts, free corporate mugs, say NO to buy one get one free ads and avoid the decor aisle in target and other stores that tempt. “NO” can allow you time to think about little things like owning less is always easier than organizing more!

E: Clear your “ENTRY” and your whole house will feel better ! Marie Kondo (author of the book “the life-changing magic of tidying up”) says if your ENTRYway is filled with shoes and other things the atmosphere in the house will be suffocating. Her new motto in her follow up book is “spark joy”. “EQUALIZE” – you can’t tackle it all in January- plan for a few months at a time and after January when your energy begins to wane, you know what is next and it is only a small piece of the house… January could be kitchen and pantry looking at expiration dates on spices etc, February could be your home office, March could be clothes and accessories and April could be your bathroom & medicine cabinet.

A: “ASK” yourself why because what you do is huge, but why you do is huger- listen and you may find out something meaningful about why you do all you do and why you keep working, working, working? “ASK” for help or delegate! No one can read your mind and perhaps a spouse, partner or child can lighten your load by picking up even a tiny task like hanging keys and backpacks on hooks, carrying the stuff on the stairs up and distributing, watering plants, handling pet duties, tossing junk mail, putting away and or folding laundry and packing away some groceries, picking up glasses and dishes and cleaning as needed.

T: “TAKE TIME” to prioritize each day- decide what is important and say no to things you find unnecessary and save them for a later time. You can even set a timer for better focus for 15-30 minutes. “TAKE TIME” to look at tasks that will take 2 minutes or less and just do it– like making the bed, returning a quick phone call, responding to an email, going through the mail. Keep a bin near or in the kitchen for things that need to be repaired or returned, so they can make it into your car. Keep a reusable bin in a closet and use it to keep items you plan to give away or sell. This will help you with “TIME management”. Now “TAKE TIME” to pause, stay off the internet, calm down with a book and or an adult coloring book!

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