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The Toiletry challenge: September 2018

How do you manage your toiletries for everyday and for travel?

As far as travel, I have a toiletry bag pretty well set up so I am always ready to travel and feel like I won’t forget much this way. The argument could be how often do you update what is in there? This depends on how often you travel, how accessible, and how well your back up travel items are organized.

Let’s be realistic!

How many times do you collect soaps, shampoos, lotions, makeup samples, toothpaste, and nail products???

Where do you put these items? How do you know what you have? And what would you actually use??

My philosophy is always “less is more “and “keep like things together.” I also promote donating the stuff you may never use to women in distress or to somewhere it will get used.

This gives you the ability to label what you have, keep it together, and easily reach for replacements when packing or for everyday use.

Here are some categories:

1. Everyday back up supplies

2. Travel supplies- A. Body & face cleansers B. Hand, face, body & lip creams C. Shampoo, conditioner, hairspray/gel D. Bathroom spray, wipes, travel tissues

3. Medical

4. Dental

5. Makeup

6. Q-tips/cotton-balls/toilet paper/tissues Whether you travel a lot or just struggle knowing what you have for everyday use, make it easy to look before going to buy a duplicate!

Before Miami Neat After Miami Neat

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